Who Else Wants My Secret Method for Creating A Big League Book That Sells Tons of Your Products and Services and Gets YOU On Stage for Choice Speaking Engagements?

Just Follow My Simple System and Create a Buzzy Book That Goes Viral in Your Target Market!

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From the Laptop of Rick Butts

Dear Friend,

Nothing you will ever create will have more impact than a truly good book. Brochures, websites, blogs, pr stunts, and all sorts of advertising have their place (if you can afford them) but, having a really useful book that instantly tells your target audience "you need to read this!" will open more big doors for you than you can imagine.

What Is a Buzzy Book?

  • A Buzzy Book looks like a top business book (think e-Myth, Tipping Point, Blue Ocean Strategy, Four Hour Work Week, etc)
  • A Buzzy Book contains a unique solution for an identifiable group of people with money! (aka a lucrative hungry market)
  • A Buzzy Book validates your credentials and establishes your expertise. (aka we have to hire you!)
  • A Buzzy Book demonstrates your style, voice, and personality. (aka how cool you are!)
  • A Buzzy Book opens doors and gets passed around big time. (aka goes viral!)

What the Buzzy Book is NOT!

  • A Buzzy Book is NOT silly.
  • A Buzzy Book is NOT a commercial
  • A Buzzy Book is NOT a lightweight effort.
  • A Buzzy Book is NOT written in a weekend.

Examples of other Buzzy Books = The E-Myth, The Tipping Point, Who Moved My Cheese? Blue Ocean Strategy, Purple Cow, Four Hour Work Week...

Presenting: The Buzzy Book Online Workshop

The Buzzy Book Workshop was presented over a 4 week period with complete LIVE presentations and in depth Q & A every week, plus additional bonus video and audio and other resources from my own private content collection. Here are the modules:

Module 1

How to Create a Buzzy Book

Video & Audio Downloads in the Members Area Now

Part 1 - In this 90 minute training workshop you'll learn my exact strategies and models for creating a Buzzy Book. I'll show you the amazing secrets about why books like The E-Myth,Who Moved My Cheese, Tipping Point, Four Hour Work Week explode in the market and make their authors in-demand speakers and consultants who sell tons of their other products and services.

This session will transform the way you think about monetizing your creativity whether you are a speaker, consultant, coach, writer, musician, or artist.

Part 2 - Idea Packed Q and A session & Case Studies - I open up the lines to take direct questions from the attendees. All of the people asking questions are either writing their first or second book and the questions are exactly the sort of things that hold everyone back in design, concept, topic, style, publishing goals, marketing and more - and of course the answers are based on my own experience of writing and selling 14 books. This is a solid resource.

Module 2

The Amazing Wisdom Thesis for Writers

Video & Audio Downloads in the Members Area Now

Part 1 - I'll show you my unique and powerful 5 step model for creating awesome and unique non-fiction books, speeches, workshops, training programs, audio and video courses - in short how to rule the world! You won't get this information from anyone else on Earth.

The Wisdom Thesis® will give you the Holy Grail of the most successful creative entrepreneurs...

How to Create a Unique Solution for an Identifiable Group of People - With Money

You will never stare at a blank page again! The Wisdom Thesis will give you a power tool for creating great articles, blog posts, books, speeches, products and more. With this tool in your toolkit you will be able to create an unlimited number of great philosophical concepts that position you as more than just an expert in your field - but as a thought leader who must be read and hired.

Clients I've taught this system to use it over and over to create books, articles,workshops, training classes, workshops, audio/video products and more! The Wisdom Thesis is the most powerful tool I've ever created (or seen) for turning your creativity and brilliance into money.

Part 2 - Idea Packed Q and A session & Case Studies about creating your Wisdom Thesis! Why just learn the information when you can ask the creator your questions about how to implement it? That's just what these writers did by picking my brain about their Wisdom Thesis and how to apply it to widely diverse markets from diet and exercise, to self help, to online marketing, to video production companies.

Dr Neill Neill, Vancouver Island, Canada

"The Wisdom Thesis has been a business breakthrough for me. In addition to writing books and blog posts, I have to come up with a newspaper column every week whether I feel like it or not. Now I just take my topic and run it through The Wisdom Thesis and bang - I have a great article that pulls the reader in and gets them to take a profitable action that's good for them and great for me!"

Module 3


How to Turn Your (boring) Non-Fiction Book Into an Exciting and Fun Fictional Parable/Novel That People Will Love to (actually) Read and Pass Along to Everyone They Know!

I've never revealed the amazing writing system/method I created while writing my own personal development adventure novels, The Safari Chronicles and The Ancient Library. I'll show you my secret weapon, a little known book by a Hollywood screen writer who took author/anthropologist Joseph Campbell's brilliant work The Hero's Journey showing how all mythology and religious books followed a similar template for storytelling, adventure, and discovery.

I'll show you how I've combined The Wisdom Thesis you now know how to use along with this screenwriting model to develop a truly unique and exciting book that will blow your competition away and have everyone in your target market reading your book and looking you up online to buy stuff from you.

You'll learn how to follow this model to create everything from a "Who Moved My Cheese" type parable book to a more elaborate novel, and use it over and over again to create products that make your business truly stand out from the competition.

* this session is truly so amazing it is honestly worth 10X the price of the entire workshop.

Part 2 - Wide open Q and A on writing a fiction parable for a non-fiction business audience. The key to writing a fiction book instead of the ordinary non-fiction book is not being heavy handed or ultra obvious with your concept and point. If you do your book will look trite and all your work will actually backfire on you. In this session I discuss the subtleties of doing it right from my own experience of creating 3 original fiction parable books for a non-fiction application.


Recordings - you'll get access to download the audio or video recordings (or both) of every session - including the dynamic Q and A. If you can't make a session, don't worry, you'll get to be there via the full recordings to enjoy and study at your leisure.

Members Only Website - you'll get private access to my members only website for The Buzzy Book where you can get access to all the recordings, bonuses, and resources, and extra goodies I put there for you, lucky dog!

The Safari Chronicles - complete download of the ebook / Amazon Kindle version of my bestselling personal development adventure novel.

The Ancient Library - the sequel to the Safari Chronicles. An action packed archaeological adventure and page-turner, that will keep you awake all night wanting to know what happens next.

* both The Safari Chronicles & The Ancient Library are clear applications of the Bonus Workshop on turning your Wisdom Thesis into an exciting adventure novel - yay!

How to Get Christopher Vogler's Amazing Book "The Writer's Journey" FREE!

Resources - it's a big Internet, but where is the truly good stuff? I'll give you links to all the resources I use in the workshops and Q and A so you can use the same books, tools, websites, and resources I use to create books, websites, products, courses, and more. This is a huge time and money saver.

Audio/Video Bonuses - I'm also including some unadvertised bonus audio and video programs in the members-only area, to help you create and market your Buzzy Book!

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, what do you think it would cost to spend 9 hours with a guy who has written 14 books, made more than $1,000,000 (that's a million) dollars in the professional keynote speaking business, built more than 300 websites that sell books, audio & video courses and more?

When I was starting out I would have done about anything to get this kind of a real world opportunity, but I probably couldn't afford to pay to hire someone this experienced to work with me 1 on 1.

So, while others would charge $1000 (or more) for this program, I'm going to make it available to you for just $27.00.

That's right you get all the recordings, resources, and my very successful books as your guide, all for one easy investment of just $27!



Your purchase is 100% guaranteed to be everything I promise on this page, if for any reason from the time you purchase until the end of the final workshop you do not feel it is everything I promised you and more - then simply shoot me an email and tell me so - and I will refund 100% of your money - no questions asked. The risk is all on me to deliver and frankly, blow you away. You have nothing to lose - order now and get your Buzzy Book started today!

mike hourigan 005Rick is a genius for developing books, programs, and marketing materials that penetrate competitive speaker markets, and he is one heck of a good speaker. But, unlike most people who can DO something, Rick is exceptionally good at teaching his unique ideas in a way you can put them right to work on your own business!

Mike Hourigan - Keynote Speaker / Author
Charlotte, NC

steve_werner_50Rick opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of how to write for impact and results. He's a great storyteller, but, like a duck who appears to be gliding on the water, all the work and power is hidden from the first glance. You will never look at books or writing the same after going through this amazing program!


Steve Werner - Author/Speaker/Coach
Chicago, IL

Jean-Kuhn-246x300The workshops and programs Rick creates are rock solid resources. If you are stuck trying to figure out how to move forward with a book, or with your business direction, you'll find this idea packed program to be more than eduction, it's an inspiration!

I've learned so much about creating a book that gets business from Rick. This video workshop is an excellent resource you'll use time and time again for creating all kinds of content and marketing materials that really will make you money.

Jean Kuhn
Franchise Consulting Expert/Author/Speaker
Chicago, IL

About Rick Butts

Rick Butts Keynote audience laughter fun!

A self made speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Rick has written 14 books, and built his speaking business from scratch to being a fully bureau-booked premium $10,000 keynote speaker. Rick has worked with such luminaries in the industry as Brian Tracy, Dr. Denis Waitley, the late Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, Michael Gerber and legendary Og Mandino, the author of The Greatest Salesman in the World, one of the first "parable books" of it's kind and the inspirations for Rick's first book The Safari Chronicles.

He is a self-taught pro level WordPress website developer, with deep experience in all phases of eCommerce, list-building, email marketing, social media, and membership websites as well as creating, editing and deploying wildly viral audio and video programs.

Rick is an expert speaker and an engaging and humorous trainer with rave reviews for dozens of live and online workshops. Rick splits his time between Denver Colorado and Eastern Europe where he is creating a documentary film and writing a new book himself, and enjoys sharing his experience and unique development models, techniques, and strategies for helping creative people monetize their brilliance and bring their message to the world!

PS: No topic is more covered up in myth and bad ideas as writing and publishing a book that brings you business. The ideas, information, tips, and strategies in this workshop are drawn from my own personal experience at doing it for real since 1995. I promise you will be blown away by idea after idea in this course and it will truly open your creative mind and your marketing mind to move forward and get your successful book done fast - and right - and I guarantee it 100% or your money back.

Rick Butts

That's right you get all the recordings, resources, and my very successful books as your guide, all for one easy investment of just $27!